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“Besides great customer service, I am very pleased with my final swimming pool product as it exceeded my expectations.”

Paul B.

“In 34 years, Sunset is the best service we have had.”

Ann B.

“ I feel so much more confident about caring for my pool now that I have found a company that I can count on.”

Cathy R.

“I want you to know that I am grateful I found you. I believe that every business should be run like Sunset Pools: the people are friendly and eager to please!”

Leslie & John R.

Excellent Commercial Pool Maintenance Services in Chicago

Chicago Commercial Pool Maintenance

Chicago Commercial Pool Maintenance

A Little Background

All pools require regular maintenance to ensure they are clean, chemically balanced, and properly working. This is particularly true for commercial pools, which generally invite heavy traffic on a regular, if not daily, basis. Luckily, Sunset Pools & Spas is prepared to handle the unavoidable upkeep with its commercial pool maintenance services for Chicago facilities.

Maintenance Services

For fitness centers, hotels, condominium buildings, and other types of properties with swimming facilities in Chicago, commercial pool maintenance is a large part of the regular upkeep. A lot of steps are required to maintain a sanitary, safe, and flawless environment – the type of environment that a business wants to project.

Helping our clients to maintain their reputation is part of what we do and enjoy. This is why our staff completes the following checklist of services every time they visit your pool:

  • Check and balance the water chemistry
  • Skim water surface for debris
  • Brush all walls
  • Vacuum
  • Inspect all pool equipment

If there is another maintenance service that you require, please let us know. Our staff is happy and ready to help.

Commercial Pool Maintenance Chicago

Customizable Schedules

Some pools may have heavier traffic than others. Some may invite more germs than others. This is why we are flexible with our maintenance program and can be there as often or as little as necessary. We will customize a maintenance schedule for any business or commercial property to ensure that every client has the perfect solution for their needs. Hire us to come one time or seven times each week. It's completely up to you.

Our Maintenance Staff

We take pride in the friendly and professional nature of our team. All of our maintenance staff are in-house and guaranteed to live up to the highest of standards. They are polite, skilled, thorough, on time and hardworking. What more could you want from your commercial pool maintenance staff in Chicago?