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“Besides great customer service, I am very pleased with my final swimming pool product as it exceeded my expectations.”

Paul B.

“In 34 years, Sunset is the best service we have had.”

Ann B.

“ I feel so much more confident about caring for my pool now that I have found a company that I can count on.”

Cathy R.

“I want you to know that I am grateful I found you. I believe that every business should be run like Sunset Pools: the people are friendly and eager to please!”

Leslie & John R.

Commercial Swimming Pool Opening and Closing

Chicago Commercial Pool Opening and Pool Closing

Commercial Pool Opening and Closing Chicago

In areas like Chicago, outdoor commercial pools cannot stay open year round. Seasonal changes require pools to shut down temporarily and reopen when the weather permits. While a lot of work goes into the opening and closing of a pool, Sunset Pools & Spas has professional, trained and courteous staff on hand to manage both.  

Pool opening

Sunset Pools & Spas will complete the following services for a smooth and safe pool opening:

  • Removal of winter pool cover
  • Removal of winterizing plugs for in-ground pools
  • Reassembly and start-up of filtration equipment
  • Reassembly of ladders, diving boards, lights, etc.
  • Addition of start-up chemicals

Some commercial pools require a deeper clean during the opening process, which is why we also offer a drain and wash option. To complete a drain and wash, the pool must be completely emptied before it is cleaned with either chlorine or acid.

Chicago Commercial Pool Opening and Closing

Pool closing

We offer the following services for an easy and mess-free pool closing:

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  • Water drainage
  • Plumbing line preparation
  • Winterization of filtration equipment 
  • Addition of winterizing chemicals
  • Disassembly of ladders, diving boards, lights, etc.
  • Installation of winter cover